Week 1

Class activity

We’re working with this dataset from Stathis N Kalyvas and Laia Balcells, “International System and Technologies of Rebellion: How the End of the Cold War Shaped Internal Conflict,” American Political Science Review 104, no. 3 (2010): 415–429.

The variables in the dataset:

Variable dictionary
Variable Description
countryname Name of country
year_start Year war began
month_start Month war began
year_end Year war ended
month_end Month war ended
conflict_name Name of conflict
region Region
gdp_capita GDP per capita (logged)
rough_terrain Percent of country mountainous (logged)
military_personnel_percapita military personnel per capita
marxist Are rebels Marxist?
technologyrebellion Technology of rebellion?
ethnicwar Is this an ethnic war?


  1. How many conflicts began in 1992?
  2. What was the longest war in years of fighting? The shortest?
    1. 🔥 Challenge 🔥: Can you incorporate the month variable?
  3. How many conflicts have there been in each region of the world?
    1. 🔥 Challenge 🔥: How many conflicts in each region of each warfare type?
  4. Pick a conflict and look it up. Does the warfare type the authors assigned match well? If you can find a picture that is suggestive of the type, post it in the Discord.